TimeZero Injury ManagementSM

CORE’S TIMEZERO INJURY MANAGE-MENTSM  Telemedicine Call Center provides our clients with 24 / 7 / 3 6 5  real-time communication with our experienced team of occupational health nurses to facilitate early intervention in the injury management process. Our Injury Case Managers all undergo Certified Workers’ Compensation Professional training. Our nurses quickly assess injuries through the  telemedicine process, providing self-treatment and first-aid advice. When injuries require medical treatment beyond first-aid, we work directly with  medical providers to discuss successful outcomes, while ensuring the best possible care for the injured worker. Our nurses communicate in real-time  with client teams to quickly distribute updates on injured workers.

CORE has comprehensive experience, expertise, and understanding of the workplace and specific job functions performed by your employees. These  factors benefit your company and workforce by enabling injured workers to return to work sooner – and with improved outcomes. This translates into  higher quality medical care for your workforce and direct cost savings for your company.

• 24/7/365 Injury Call Center
• Real-Time Communication
• Early Injury Intervention
• Nurse & Physician Interaction
• Timely Injury Care
• Right Care, Right Now
• Post-Injury Management
• Return-to-Work Capabilities
• Status Tracking & Communication
• Medical Case Review