Onsite Clinics



CORE PROVIDES NATIONWIDE 24 / 7 / 365 ONSITE CLINICS with multiple staffing models. The clinics provide real-time injury and illness care along  with the full array of occupational medicine services even in the most remote areas. Our medical team integrates with the site Emergency Response  Team to establish the highest level of care for the employees.

Companies both large and small have effectively utilized CORE’s Onsite Clinics on a full-time or even a part-time basis. The results of which have  generated a positive employee response by increasing productivity and morale along with reducing recordables and lost time while proving to be very  cost effective.

• Nationwide Capabilities Including Remote Applications

• 24/7/365 Access

• Multiple Staffing Models

• Real Time Injury & Illness Care

• Medical Surveillance Exams

• DOT Exams

• Substance Abuse Testing

• Ancillary Services

• Return to Work / Fitness for Duty Exams

• Emergency Response Team Integration

• Advantages:

    Cost Effective 

    Reduce Recordables
    Reduce Lost Time