Substance Abuse Testing

CORE’S SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES provide evidence-based, substance abuse testing that meets with all regulatory requirements including  DOT, DOE, and NRC. We can also meet any specific requirements or customized panels detailed by our clients. Testing can be performed at  one of our nationwide clinics or your facility 24/7/365. All testing is performed by collectors certified for hair, urine, and breath alcohol collections.

Our program is NAADATP accredited by DATIA and provides confidential electronic notification via encrypted e-mail to designated employer  representatives (DERs). The notification will identify negative, MRO-confirmed positive, dilute, adulterated, substituted, and invalid results, as well  as test cancelled and refusal to test results. We also provide customized statistical reporting along with program and random pool management.

• NAADATP Accredited by DATIA

• Program Management

• Nationwide Collection Sites

• SAMHSA Certified Laboratories

• Regulated/Non-Regulated Testing

• Certified MROs & MRO-Assistants

• Random Pool Management

• Customized Statistical Reporting

• EAP Integration