Medical Staffing Services

CORE’S MEDICAL STAFFING SERVICES provide our clients with healthcare professionals in a wide range of industries including aerospace,  chemical, construction, manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, nuclear, and pulp & paper to name a few. We understand that each facility possesses its own unique demands and our customized integration and training program provides the highest level of professional staff to meet with these  demands.

CORE can provide either temporary or permanent staffing based on your facility’s needs. From outage / turnaround to the corporate office, CORE has the most qualified and professional healthcare staff to quickly and effectively integrate within your workforce and facility.

• Nationwide Placement Services

• Short and Long Term Placement

• Occupational Medicine Physicians

• Mid-Level Providers

• Occupational Health Nurses

• Injury Case Managers

• Emergency Medical Technicians

• Comprehensive On-Boarding Program